Millwright Services

C2MM Millwright Services

C2 is operated by Licensed Millwrights who have over 20 years’ experience in various companies, including Top 500 international companies. We are an expert and reliable Millwright company offers full Millwright services, 24/7 on call, emergency services as well as satisfying your maintenance planning service needs.
  • Machinery Installation/Dismantles
  • Plant Moves/Relocations
  • Challenging rigging and hoisting projects
  • Material Handling Conveyor Equipment Systems
  • Automated packaging systems
  • Installation and Repairs for dock and doors & Hydraulic Lift  Systems
  • Pneumatics and hydraulic systems
  • Modification and overhaul
  • Preventive maintenance service programs
  • Research & Development of new machinery and tech
  • Custom design, fabrication and repair
  • Motor and drivetrain installation
  • Complete breakdown and rebuild
  • Maintenance of all types of industrial machinery
  • Industrial Automation
  • Repair/Rebuild Milling and Lathe Machines
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Equipment
  • Etc.